Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Secret Sauce For Happiness - A Morning At Race For Life

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It's possible that you too have someone in your life who may have been touched by cancer.  

It was a pleasure to take part in today's Race For Life event in Regent's Park.  This is one of the most beautiful parks in London.

You will be so busy enjoying the gorgeous flowers and birds that you'll quickly forget that you are out exercising.

If you are like me, you may have been complaining about the rain and making excuses to exercise secondary to the 'wet' summer that we've been experiencing.  And like me, if you took part in today's race then you may have realised how precious life really is and appreciated rain for the first time.

You may have appreciated life, the opportunity to race (yes, even in the rain), and the glorious opportunity to spend a saturday morning with friends, loved ones or simply the chance to enjoy a walk with your special friend like Mr Gorgeous below.

Or her...  Drenched, but happy and proud.

As we continued our walk to support those we love or loved with cancer, happiness, we have come to believe is right there in front of us.  

It is in the people we love and in the little things that make us happy.  It may be the flowers you see around you, your adored pet, your favourite pink top, the sound of your new baby laughing or that hug you received from your mum who you secretly think nags at you endlessly.

Whoever or whatever 'it' may be, open your door and invite happiness every day, for who knows what tomorrow may bring?

But of course the stars for today are these lovely super heroes!  Bat girl sure looks good!

And of course it may come as no surprise to you when I say that food sure does make me happy.  We headed to a lovely Italian restaurant on Crawford Place called 'Briciole' for some much needed feeding.

The food was delicious, the service was homely and pleasing, with the decor stylish and inviting.

The green olives were truly authentic and tasty (and hence why there are only two left to photograph)!

This flavourful Sicilian inspired dish with red prawns were truly a taste from Italy.  I was a very happy diner.

In conclusion, I am grateful for a lovely day with the girls.  Lovely readers, what makes you happy?  What are you most grateful for today?