Thursday, 5 July 2012

Is Your Head In The Clouds & Feet In A River?

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Do you sometimes feel like the world is getting too much for you?  Suddenly you are juggling a move, kids, your career, the house chores and you've barely got time to cook a decent meal.  At a glance you feel like the shriveled version of the previously glamorous and organised you.  

If you are feeling stressed, nursing a wretched cold and starting to reach out for that packet of biscuits...because after all, you reckon you should just give up right now and give into emotional eating, right?

Stop right there!  You don't belong in that state of mind.  Despite it all feeling like it's flying out of control, have you ever considered escaping the city for a few hours with nature?

Pack yourself a picnic lunch with the family, jump in a car and drive towards the mountains or a river this weekend.  Scotland would have been ideal.  Pity it's a bit far to drive to from London for a day trip.

From Nice, in France, the mountains are only about thirty to forty minutes drive away.

When you reach a spot by the river that you like, breathe in the fresh air and find yourself a secluded spot by the gushing water.

You'll quickly note that nothing will calm your nerves and throbbing veins like the soothing sound of running water.  

Undo a button, ruffle your hair and say bonjour to the pretty butterflies and coloured insects whilst you munch on your sandwich.

If you are out with kids, ask them to create a 'natural refrigerator' to store your drinks.  If you pull out a large stone from the river bed, wedge your bottle of orange juice or an alternative bottled beverage here, then cover it up with loose stones.  Ensure that there is an opening to allow cool water to reach your drink.  This will keep it chilled for a couple of hours or so.

Escaping from the city like so gives you an opportunity to reflect, recoup and most importantly, to calm down!  This really is a great way to de-stress.  It sure beats a packet of biscuits or some calorie loaded treat.  

Besides, life's too short for regrets.  There really is no time to stress over those large portion of fries you ate the other night.  

Instead, it's best to do something about it and getting some quality time with yourself, loved ones or the entire family may just be what the doctor orders.  So if you are stressing about forking out a fortune to check in with the therapist, chill, it's nearly the end of the week so go ahead and pencil in a date with nature.  

You really will have your head in the clouds and feet in a river by this Sunday.  I hope for you anyway!

If you are lucky, you may even experience a gorgeous waterfall.  You'll love your date with nature I am sure.  Sometimes, you just need to touch base with her.

Lovely readers, how do you cope with stress?