Anti-Aging & Beauty

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This is a treasure chest with the most wonderful collection of stories dedicated to anti-aging and beauty.

Vitamin C is important in repair of skin, gums and teeth.  A beautiful smile will instantly remove years off your face.  Find out more juicy details in Mighty Mango & It's Health Benefits In A Glass.

Cinnamon has amongst other health benefits, anti-aging properties due to it's antioxidant content.  Originally native to Sri Lanka, you don't want to miss out on cinnamon's powerful abilities.  Superfood Cinnamon's Power - A Spicy Story.

The Mediterranean diet is wonderful for glowing & glossy hair and skin.  Read my easy check list to ensure that you too can inject a bit of the sun and sea diet into your life.  How To Beat The Monday Blues And More On A Mediterranean Diet.

You are bound to have alcohol every now and then.  Just make sure that it's an antioxidant packed affair.  See What I'm Drinking Today - Ravishing Raspberry Cocktail.

I had so much fun writing this article, so thank you to my lovely reader who requested info on aloe vera.  I know you'll love Aloe Vera Shots - A Fun Step Towards Anti-Aging

A great recipe that incorporates common anti-aging foods.  Kiss Away Wrinkles With Bad Breath (Parippu)

You'll love this article which was also featured on the davidgrotto Daily online.  Vitamin A - Bending The Rules For Anti-Aging

Check out this article Is Your Skin Picture Perfect?

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