Collection of Milk, Egg, Wheat or Soy Free Recipes

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This page is dedicated to milk, egg, wheat and soy free recipes.  Some recipes may not be milk free, but I've pointed this out for you and suggested alternative ingredients where possible.

Please do not hesitate to suggest recipes for me to revamp for you so that it is suitable on a milk, egg, wheat & soy free diet.

This is a fun cake recipe whereby you will not need any dark chocolate.  You will still end with a cake that is dense but moist and rich in flavour.  Delicious.  See Perfect Eggless Banana & Chocolate Cake.

Hosting a party this weekend?  Then you'll be mad not to try Party Mojito Cupcake Gourmet Style 

You'll be absolutely smoking hot with this prawn starter recipe.  See Smoking Hot Prawns With Coriander.  This recipe uses Worcestershire sauce as an ingredient which contains malt extract from barley.  Follow the instructions from your dietitian regarding this if you are also following a gluten free diet.

Chickpeas are also wheat and gluten free.  This is a low fat recipe which I plan to revamp using sundried tomatoes and extra olive oil.  This will still keep the recipe lower in fat compared to the supermarket variety.  See Low Fat Hummus With Garlic & Olive Oil.

This cherry cake was delicious.  I think you'll enjoy it when needing a wheat free treat.  Go to Cherry-O-Olympics - Cherry Cake.

Paella is made with rice, thus is naturally gluten and wheat free.  This recipe donated from a French family is simply to die for!  See Paella Catalane with Mussels, Squid & Crevettes.

Polenta is a useful wheat free alternative.  See High Energy Lemon & Almond Polenta Cake.

I love seafood so it's not surprising that I've whipped up Seafood Stuffed Peppers With Garlic & Basil Squid.

For a lazy night in see Prawn & Wild Mushroom Rice.

If you haven't tried baking with polenta for a wheat free cake, try my Italian Banana Loaf With Polenta, Walnut & Coffee.  This is also milk, egg and soy free.

If you fancy baking try this Wholesome Oaty, Chocolate & Hazelnut Slice.  Great for an afternoon tea party.

If you love soups and seafood then you'll absolutely adore Salmon and Prawn Soup With Red Onion & Shrimp Paste.  It is also really quick and easy to prepare for a milk, egg, wheat and soy free solution.

This is an amazing wheat free meal option.  I love a vegetarian risotto on meatless Mondays! Read my tips to exclude milk or soy as needed.  See Creamy Mushroom, Asparagus & Sundried Tomato Risotto.

A fantastic chicken curry with rice is an easy wheat free meal that is also free from soy, milk and eggs.  See Chicken Curry - Flavoursome Without The Bite.

Lentils are the perfect vegetarian and wheat free meal option.  See Kiss Away Wrinkles With Bad Breath (Parippu).

For a wheat free English trifle recipe see English Trifle With Creme De Cassis.

I love salmon and if you do too you'll love Stuffed Salmon.

You'll want to try Succulent Mango & Coriander Chicken Legs.

A perfect breakfast smoothie recipe on a egg, wheat and soy free diet Beachy Tropical Mango & Strawberry Smoothie With Oats.  Although this contains milk, if you can have soy in your diet then use soy yoghurts.

In my article titled 'Do You Teach Your Kids To Say Yes To Veges' you'll find the recipe Asparagus & Spinach Risotto.  This is only egg, soy and wheat free.

Paneer is sadly not milk free, but this is a great vegetarian meal option for anyone following a wheat free diet.  See Sushila's Paneer Explosion.

Banana and Pecan Delight.  Bananas are a great binder in an egg free recipe.  This is great recipe for the kids too.

An easy curried dish called Devilish Red Fried Chicken Thighs.  Photo does not do justice to this tasty dish.  I love curried chicken as this is a naturally milk, egg, wheat and soy free dish when teamed with veg and rice.

Simple & Easy, Lazy Fruit Salad.  Fruit salads make a delicious low calorie snack that is also naturally milk, egg, wheat and soy free.