Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Comptoir du Marché– Restaurant Review

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You lucky thing, you are probably planning a holiday to the south of France this ‘summer’.   And so you should.  Escape this British ‘summer’ madness whilst you can.  You’ll be treated to a glorious week or two of amazing, hot sun.  It’s a paradise that you simply will not want to leave.

The food is equally phenomenal, who doesn’t love French food?  Provencal dining is delicious, chic and heart throbbing friendly, but there are the few restaurants in the old town of Nice that the locals would never dare step into.  Why you ask?  They simply tell me that the food is ‘not worth trying’, ‘no representation of the region’ but alas you may not necessarily know this and happily fork out the 40 euros or so demanded for your meal.

To the rescue is a beautiful restaurant that I’m about to reveal which represents taste, flavour and simplicity in gorgeous flair.  It’s called ‘Comptoir Du Marché’.  Based in the old town, the staff are cheerful, friendly and efficient.  You’ll find that they create a delightful dining experience that you will not hesitate wanting to return.

The restaurant itself is split into two rooms, with an open plan kitchen, 1950s decor, vintage ovens and pots and pans firmly plastered on the walls for your viewing.  The menu is reasonably priced with a modest range of selections for entree, main and dessert.

Reservations are a must and the staff speak good English if this is helpful.


The table chose between Foie Gras and St Jacques.  I was told that the Foie Gras was delicious.  I happen to not support the feeding methods adopted to yield this product so didn't try it, but the scallops were absolutely beautiful.  I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the chef at work.

The chef first prepared a bed of what I think are sliced cabbage drenched in homemade mayo, but I have a feeling that I am terribly terribly wrong.  Whatever it was - it tasted absolutely amazing!

 She then carefully sliced the scallops and layered them over the white mixture.

After seasoning with pepper and a dash of olive oil, the scallops were showered with salad, ready to be served.

You'll want to try the Foie Gras too, I'm sure!  The table moaned in joy with every delicious bite so I am positive that it tasted glorious.


The seared tuna was simply gorgeous and described as 'meaty' by the satisfied men on the table.

‘Joue de couchon confite en cocotte’ or the pig cheeks were cooked to perfection and the table’s favourite.  It was presented in a rich sauce that was completely out of this world.

The truffles served on a bed of risotto was another tasty hit.

You will love the pan fried white fish known as turbot roti.  I savoured every bite.  Flavoursome and scrumptious.  I would return simply to eat this again (see title photo).


The strawberry soup (soupe de fraises) was a hit, but so was the chocolate mousse and tartare de mangue, ananas citron vert, mousse yaourt, which was sliced mango and pineapple in a lime sorbet.

The petit pot au caramel beurre sale, pommes roties, was unusual.  It was apple in a salted caramel sauce.  Pleasant but you've got to like that sweet and salt combo in a dessert.  The French loved it, so if it's good enough for them, then it's certainly good enough for me!

Wrapping this restaurant review along, the wine list was decent and we enjoyed kir as an apéritif.  Although the menu is in French, the staff will be happy to translate in English for you.  We loved everything about the restaurant, from the retro decor to the tasty food.  If you prefer to be seated outside, there are plenty of outdoor tables.  Remember, prior booking is a must.

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