Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Caipirinha With Brown Sugar

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After champagne this has got to by one of my favourite drinks.  This cocktail is absolutely delicious, refreshing and perfect for our Olympic season celebrations.  What better way to rejoice than with a gorgeous citrus cocktail.  

I have used only 15ml of Cachaça for this cocktail as I plan to have another!  If you prefer, you can use the full 30ml quota that would usually be used in this cocktail recipe.

Did you know that reducing sugars and phenolics are the main antioxidant compounds found in lime?  Limes are also rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, particularly in the peels.  As an antioxidant rich fruit, this is another great reason to choose Caipirinha as your party drink of choice.

Never use pre-packaged lime juice for this drink.  During juice processing, you can expect some vitamin C losses.  To reap the full benefits of citrus fruits, prepare this drink using fresh gorgeous green limes. 

Why be bothered about vitamin C?  Vitamin C plays an active role in the absorption of non-haem iron found in plant foods.  What this means for you is that if you are enjoying a vegetarian meal, vitamin C found in citrus fruits and other fruit and vegetables will promote the absorption of iron from these plant foods when consumed at the same time.

Here’s a recipe that I have been taught by a lovely Brazilian friend and also a Frenchman.  Hope they'll be proud!

1 lime
3 teaspoons brown sugar
15ml Cachaça 

1. Roll the lime on a hard surface like the kitchen worktop.  Press lightly using the palm of your hand.  Repeat for a couple of minutes.

2. Ensure that the tips of the lime are orientated at a vertical angle.  Slice the lime in half.

3. Now slice the lime half next to it's center along both ends.  You want to cut out the central core of the lime.

4. Place ¾ of the lime wedges into a jar or glass.  I used Bonne Maman’s jars as they are brilliant as a shaker.

5. Add the sugar and Cachaça.  Crush the lime and sugar together and then add crushed ice.  Screw on the lid and shake in celebration as you are done and good to go!

This delicious Brazilian based cocktail tastes best once the ice has melted a wee bit.  It’s just so good...enjoy!

Happy Olympic fever season everybody!  How do you enjoy limes lovely readers?