Friday, 20 July 2012

Do You Grow Your Own Vegetables?

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It's true, I am in France again for a long weekend, but instead of the South of France, we are not far from  Paris where the weather is very similar to England.  There was a bit of sun today so I shouldn't really complain.

What I really want to share with you today is that the flowers on the table are from the garden (except for the white bouquet) and the cucumber salad are also home grown.  Isn't that super? 

There must be so much pleasure from growing your own little vegetable patch.  I have not grown anything myself but if you are needing a little bit of inspiration, then you may be motivated after viewing the photos below.

The home grown wild cucumber depicted above was delicious and incredibly flavoursome.  Who could have thought that cucumber grown with tender loving care can taste so good?

I was terribly impressed with the courgettes, simply amazing!

The French green beans were splendid to view and equally delicious.  Brilliant idea.

The peach coloured roses were summery and complemented the rose vin beautifully at dinner!

The purple and white flowers are unusual and yet so delicate with a wild beauty.  They are also from the large garden.  If you know what they are called, please do comment below.  Would love to know it's name.

If you've got that green thumb and you are considering growing your own vegetables, then I do encourage you to do so.  Gardening is a great way to de-stress and you will no doubt take so much pleasure from the fruits of your labour.

This cucumber salad was simply delicious.

If you are worried that any attempts at a vegetable patch equates to plants that perish secondary to neglect from day one, perhaps you'd like to start with herbs instead.  You may prefer the thought of growing basil or chives.  How hard can it be, right?

If you do grow your own herbs or vegetables, then please do give me any tips or advice that you would like to share!

Have a wonderful weekend, lovely readers.