Saturday, 9 June 2012

What I'm Drinking Today - Ravishing Raspberry Cocktail

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After an action packed morning in a clinical setting, I certainly needed to wind down with a refreshing cocktail.  I usually drink cocktails when I am out with friends or celebrating something or the other.  As I am hosting a cocktail party next month, I figured I might as well practise my recipes for cocktails to make sure that I've got it just right.

This is one my favourite raspberry cocktail, especially as it incorporates the lovely magical berries.  See 8 Perfect Reasons To Indulge In Berries to find out more.

This gorgeous light and refreshing cocktail works well with both raspberries & strawberries.

6 large strawberries or handful of raspberries
25ml white rum
25ml Creme De Framboise
Spoonful of sugar or squirt of Agave Nectar

Add the fruit, rum, creme de framboise and ice in to a blender.  Add a dash of sugar before a final blitz, pour into chilled glasses and serve with delicious berries.  

This would make a great raspberry champagne cocktail too.  I would pour a 'shotful' into a glass of bubbly. Heaven.