Sunday, 24 June 2012

Day One - Picture Perfect South Of France

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It really is picture perfect in the south of France.  I am absolutely stunned and delighted that it's so sunny here.  The Frenchman and I decided to take a walk along the beach under the scorching sun.  We needed to stop very quickly for a gelato to cool off.  Don't ask me why, but pistachio is my favourite flavour!

We stopped along the way to admire these beautiful flowers bordering the sea.

By 4pm we realised that our brie and grape petit dejeuner from British Airways had kept us going for hours but we really needed feeding.  We settled for a lovely salad prepared by the Frenchman's cousin.

The salad was perfect and light.  It felt too hot to eat.  The tomatoes were juicy and sweet.  Phenomenal flavour for just a little bright red circle of vitamins.  The salad consisted of tomatoes, lettuce, raw mushrooms that were thinly sliced, feta cheese and tuna.  For a vegetarian twist, try avocado instead of the tuna.

The french dressing to go with it was prepared using dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

We then watched a concert put together at a school in Nice.  It was delightful!  We were following a particular little French actor and actress.

We then drove into Cannes, strolled on the beach and took in the splendid views.  We wined and dined 'lightly' and pretended to be film stars for the evening.

I've taken a particular fancy towards the Rose, it is giddily refreshing and light during the summer.  I especially like how the wine looks like it is 'blushing'.

More evening strolls, encounters of parties on the beach and spectacular bursts of firework displays that lasted forever!  Cannes was certainly as glamorous as I had imagined it would be.

A long drive back for a little feast of cheese and minted tea, followed by sleepy time for some much needed Zzzzzzz.

Stay tuned for details on a delicious feast of rabbit for a Sunday bakeoff.  

How do you spend your holidays in the south of France?