Saturday, 30 June 2012

Day 5 - Keep Your Body Moving In Eze

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Eze is easily one of the world’s most spectacular places.  Once you’ve climbed to the top, it bestows on you enchanting views of the Mediterranean Sea.  Situated on a cliff, you will be charmed by the lady statues, mystic cactuses and dreamlike ambience. 

I absolutely love visiting new places such as this.  Feast your eyes on these entrancing views.  Not only will you be mersmerised and hypnotised under goddess Isis’s spell, you’ll also keep your body moving with every step you take.

But of course you don't need to go on holiday to keep your body moving.  Use the stairs instead of the lifts at every opportunity you get.  Walk to the shops and ditch the car.  Jump off the tube a couple of stops earlier to sneak in extra steps daily.  Simple steps yes, but this may be all it takes to keep your heart beating in joy whist you keep your body moving!

Focus on the butterfly.  You want your body and mind to feel light, agile and stress free.  Exercise is one way of achieving this state of mind.

Remember, walking is still a great calorie burner.  

The trick is to do it often and regularly.  Perhaps a ten minute walk to the shops in the morning (instead of the car or public transport), 30 minutes exploring the shops, 10 minute walk back home, 30 minute walk in the park, 15 minute walk gained from hopping off the tube one stop earlier later in the day, and wow, what's happening?  

I think you've just spent over one hour and thirty five minutes on exercise that has accumulated over the day.  Well done to you!