Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 3 - Do You Dare To Indulge In Monaco?

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You may laugh but I am not referring to the gorgeous black clutch featured with lion heads in Montecarlo's Gucci store.  Monaco oozes wealth and a high standard of living.  I have no doubt in my mind that some of the world's most sophisticated dining takes place along this part of the Riviera.  

If you prefer to skip the fancy meals and make your own, then select gammon off the bone from a dĂ©licatesse counter.  Pair this with marinated tomato slices and salads, and you may end up in the highest clouds of heaven.  These really are the perfect fillings for a sandwich.  Even the simplest food bursts with flavour in this part of the world.  

But be warned, you will be surrounded by treat foods in every corner.  Gorgeous pâtisseries will call out to your belly and taste buds.  You are on holiday, so why not try something.  I certainly could not resist the charm of this strawberry fraisier.  It's essentially a little cake that is filled with cream.    

This take-away pizza stand is a good example of ridiculous portion sizes.  Keep walking!  You will want to save your calories for pretty treats.

Here's more of those mouth watering, calorie loaded desserts.  The key is to look and admire and select only one that can be shared. 

 With the hefty price tags attached, you may be satisfied just by looking alone!

Walk off treats along the coast and take in the mind blowing views.  This particular walk started in the Monaco / French border and finished not far from Cap d'Ail.

At the end of the walk you'll be greeted with a beach where you can enjoy a lovely swim.  Another excellent calorie burner.  You could also enjoy a picnic here.  There are plenty of restaurants that you'll walk past on the way if you prefer to dine indoors.

Lovely readers, how do you spend your day in Monaco?  Do comment below, I love hearing from you.