Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Aero Bubbly – You’ve Been Screened

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It’s not every day that you discover something presented in the form of chocolate that you can eat guilt free.  Unless it’s a few squares of 70% coco, dark chocolate that is. 

Every so often I need a chocolate fix and by the time I have reached this stage, it’s often too late.  I am onto the next level, which is definitely disaster.  So I like to be prepared when this happens.

What do I eat when I do fancy some chocolate?  Have it I say.  And I do.  Yes, be outraged, but I like to live a little.  You’re much better off giving into a craving now, than trying to overlook it, only to later surrender to a bottomless chocolate something..

So look no further than a chocolate mousse.  I admit that this particular mousse does fail the golden rules of the nutrition screening tool (see Be Shopping Savvy).  It has no fibre (no surprises there), has mountains of sugar (21.8g per 100g), but at least the fats are under 10%. 

So don’t despair.  At least cream was only featured at the very end of the ingredient list.  I was pleased to note that most of the fats were from milk, milk chocolate and cocoa butter.  At 97 calories per pot, it certainly isn’t going to break the calorie bank.  Don’t forget a pot only weighs 59g so your snack is only providing just over 3.5g fats per snack. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I may have fallen in love with chocolate mousse, but I am not planning to indulge daily.  This is for one of those days when I am seized with an uncontrollable urge for something chocolatey.  

In fact, you’ll see this feature in my Food Diary a few times a week and then not at all again for several weeks.  Don’t forget to check out other brands of chocolate mousse, you may find one with a lower fat and sugar content.  If you do, shout it out to me.

It’s all in the art of balance.  Life’s too short to cry over every extra calorie or fat here and there.  Have it but make sure you slot in an exercise session to compensate for the extras. Oh and did I forget to mention that a whole bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk (weighing 49g), contains 260 calories?

Feel better?  I feel so good that I can have it, that I am going to put this straight back in the fridge.  I am still high on endorphins after my run!  Sure beats an Aero.

How do you deal with a chocolate craving?