Thursday, 9 August 2012

Naming & Shaming The BurgerPizza

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I pride myself to be a positive person.  I really do.  But then comes along a day in your life as a dietitian when your significant other points excitedly at a hideous, obesity promoting invention.  This really feels like I've been slapped across the face by the food industry.

'Who are you and how dare you appear in this world?'  I hear myself shouting at the very image displayed above, demanding an immediate answer.

At first I thought that this was a practical joke, how can it possibly be anything else?  Imagine my shock and horror to discover that this actually exists in the Middle East.  I am fascinated and yet truly appalled that such a creation could have been prepared and then sold to the general public.

Not only is this a mockery of healthy eating, but this so called crowned pizza has been decorated with lettuce and tomato slices in a desperate attempt to disguise it's calorific and artery clogging ways.  

I ask myself if I am simply being a little bit of a 'drama queen', but you know what, this really is the most unfathomable of human creations.  I think that I need to go for a run, just from looking at it.

The most exciting trends in food clearly isn't about MasterChef after all, but about what's going to help you pile on the pounds the quickest!  

The only explanation that I can think of for this awful and hideous pizza is this.  

Boy meets girl.  
Girl dumps boy.  
Boy is a food inventor.  
Girl is a dietitian.  
Boy seeks revenge.  
Boy invents 'crowned pizza'.  

What are your thoughts on this pizza?