Sunday, 5 August 2012

Anti-ageing Strawberry & Fruity Water: Drink Now & Stay Hydrated

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If you have dry skin have you considered your overall intake of fluids?  I have and I know that I can work on my fluid intake.  Before I throw a towel over my head in shame, I am delighted to announce that I have come up with a solution.

Water in London isn't the most brilliant tasting (for me anyway).  Instead of rushing out to purchase Clinique's moisture surge intense fortifying hydrator (my god what a fancy name for a face cream!), I've decided that I've simply got to do something about my water intake.

I've seen some delightful posts about freezing fruit with ice cubes.  This got me thinking about my anti-ageing plan.  

All I did was to throw in five strawberries, ice and a teaspoon of strawberry syrup into a blender.  I poured the puree into silicon moulds and froze them overnight.  I then threw one mould into each glass and enjoyed this with Indian tonic water.


Indian tonic water has 77 kcal per glass or 250ml.  The strawberries are low in calories with only 50kcal per cup of strawberry halves.  A teaspoon of syrup is additional calories, but probably not more than 20kcal.

If you plan to drink more than one glass a day, I would suggest using sparkling water.  There's nothing wrong with chilled ordinary water either, especially as the beautiful flavours of the strawberry or an alternative fruit will dominate the water as it melts and bleeds.

I am absolutely loving this drink and am finding that I am sneaking in extra fruit and increasing my overall intake of fluid as a result.

I also tried this with peach puree but the strawberry puree is definitely the favourite.

This really is a wonderful way of increasing how much water you drink.  It works for me anyway.  I love coming home from work and popping in a fruity mould into a glass of chilled water with cut up pieces of fruit.  Simply delicious and refreshing.

Drinking adequate amount of fluids is important to stay hydrated.  You are aiming for at least 6  to 8 glasses per day.  

Did you know that many people confuse feeling thirsty with hunger?  After a drink of this, you will be able to assess if you are feeling a little bit peckish or whether you are truly hungry.

And so lovely readers, have you got great tips to share about increasing your fluid intake?