Wednesday, 1 August 2012

L'atelier des Chefs - Cookery Classes

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In the world's sexiest clothes - my apron of course (!), I'll be soon whipping up delicious British cuisine after cookery lessons with L'atelier des Chefs.  My girlfriend generously gave me this fabulous gift tonight and I couldn't wait to rush home to tell you about it!

The only time I've attended cookery classes was over 2 years ago in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We made beautiful dishes after a visit to a local market to source the freshest and most phenomenal tasting ingredients ever.  I still adore and love the recipe book - which reminds me, I must whip this out and try some healthy dishes this weekend.

Have you tried any of their cookery lessons?  If yes, then please do share your experience with me and feel free to recommend your favourite classes. 

I can't wait to learn the 'Best of Britain' and then share this experience with you.  Seafood dishes and perfect British starters.....  I'll keep you posted.