Thursday, 31 May 2012

Is There Enough Weight For Love?

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A word of advice.  Before you say ‘I do’, you may wish to sign up to that gym membership too.  You really don’t want to give up on your hunky trainer just yet, for a study from Shanghai published in Public Health Nutrition this month revealed a little shocking bombshell. 

From a total of 342 newlyweds, this study reported an average weight gain of 2.2kg for men and 1.6kg for women.  All within one year of tying the knot too!

What’s worse, dig into those sweets and fats over the late romantic movies and you will be well on your way to gaining weight with every happy bite.

But can you really blame the couples?  Newlyweds have valentines, anniversaries, a newly acquired set of birthdays and ‘oh so lovey’ celebrations after celebrations to get through.  Plus don’t forget somebody’s got to eat and sample the left over cake, wine and champagne.  You cannot possibly let it go to waste, right?

Wrong!  Think back to your single days.  Were you at your slimmest then?  Is this because you always made time for those exercise sessions with your gorgeous personal trainer?  Did you always eat healthy home cooked meals instead of being whisked off to lovely restaurants with your significant other?  And then even if you did eat out, did you usually forgo dessert because you knew there was nobody to share it with?

If this sounds all too familiar then you’ve been living for too long in that love bubble.  You’ve neglected and completely forgotten your better half.  Who you ask?  I am talking about you!   
That’s right - you.  

Think back to where you got your inner inspiration from.  Who made sure you got off that couch and went out for that run even in the rain?  Who rationed your evening meals so that leftovers were exactly that – leftovers and not a second course on your private date for one.  Finally, who made sure you always stopped at the shops and tried on a dress or two to verify that your beautiful bod still fit into that stunning wee dress.  I bet that somebody was still you.

If it’s too late to ditch the partner in crime but you are piling the pounds, then there’s only one thing left to do – book those training sessions with the hunky trainer.  Soon your man will want to follow you and his competition to every single exercise meeting.  Even sooner, you’ll both be exercising together into the old but ‘minus the 2kg thank you very much’ beautiful you.

So hunt out your forgotten gym gear love birds, it’s time to ditch the wedding cake and hit the gym.

What tips have you got for shedding the weight after a gain?