Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How To Summon Sun, Sea & Spain with Sangria

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I have recently spent the most wonderful 6 days in Southern Spain.  Tapas and Sangria are two of my favourite things.  Sangria is a traditional affair, typically known as the red wine punch. 

To create Spain with sun, sea and Sangria in your very own garden, start with a good quality red wine.  Rioja and other Spanish red wines are often used as the starting point for this scrumptious drink.

Here’s how I made this quintessential Spanish cocktail on our balcony in Marbella.


1 x 750ml bottle, good quality red wine
500ml freshly squeezed orange juice
30ml Cointreau orange liqueur
30ml Crème de Framboise (raspberry liqueur)
1 orange, thinly sliced
6 large strawberries, halved
1 handful of raspberries (OR use 1/2 can of fruit cocktail)


Layer the bottom of a 2L jug with ice.  Then add the fruit.  Next pour in the wine, orange juice and liqueurs.  Hosting a party this weekend?  For an explosion of fruity flavours, cool overnight and serve the next day with canapés.

This is a great recipe as I've diluted the alcohol content of this recipe with fresh orange juice, allowing the recipe to go further.  It also tastes great and is still an absolute party winner!  You won't regret making this.

How do you make your Sangria?  Share your recipes below!