Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Top Ten Diet Busters

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Share before it’s too late.  So it’s 4pm and somebody let the cookie monster out.  Uh oh, you bought the cookie.  Don’t panic.  Share your treat with a friend or colleague and you’ll be making friends and saving your figure at the same time.

Avoid grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  Are you rushing to get to the supermarket?  Are you starving too?  Have you just returned with a car full of ‘forbidden’ items that you never planned to splash out on in the first place?  Next time, eat before you leave.  Don’t let your stomach do the shopping.

Eat slowly.  Did you know that it takes roughly 20 minutes for your brain to realise that you’ve just eaten?  Take your time with food.  How?  Have an intense conversation with your colleague or friend over lunch, just remember to return to work!

Place treat foods strategically in the fridge.  Remember that saying ‘out of sight, out of mind?’  Place any treat foods cleverly at the back of the fridge.  Next time you access the fridge you should hopefully be greeted with a spectacular display of fruit salads and pre-planned snacks.  So splendid, that you’ve already forgotten what’s behind..

Accumulate the extras.  Prepared too much dinner?  Tempted to eat seconds?  Eating is all about the right attitude.  Spice up the routine and surprise yourself with a delicious left-over meal for tomorrow’s lunch.

Grab the kitchen scissors for meats.  Trim excess fat and skin off meat and chicken.  It tastes the same with or without.  No one will notice.  Not even you. 

Plan emergency snacks.  Is that fruit bowl looking a bit lonely?  Is the fridge looking bare?  Always stock your fridge with delicious and pre-planned snacks, so that you’ll never be a victim of that naughty cookie monster again!

Eat salads from time to time for dinner.  No meat.  Just a simple salad.  You can add cheese, chick peas or nuts for alternative sources of protein.  Think of it as your weekly ‘super healthy night’ to counterbalance all those nights of creamy desserts & endless cocktails.

Finally, beat the statistics!  An article by the Daily Mail quoted that ‘1 out of every 5 meals will be sold by McDonalds during the Olympics’.  I know it’s hard, but try not to be the one...

Have you got any tips to add to this list?  Do share!

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