Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lazy Fruit Salad

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Do you work 9 to 5, or at least wish you left the office by 5pm?  Do you yearn for more free time so that you can pay a little more attention to your diet?  

Well let me help you plan your week by offering you my simple fruit salad.  My recommendations are based on what I practise myself.  I'm really excited to show you the picture above, which has been freshly prepared to last and intended to literally save my butt!  

Each day after work, I ravenously explore the fridge, hoping to find what I need to fix my falling blood sugar levels (or so I say).  And everyday I am greeted with this gorgeous, colourful fruit salad that seriously works up a treat.

A typical day at work involves me visiting sick children at their bed sides.  I work towards optimising their nutritional intake to improve their recovery, quality of life or overall treatment for their condition.  Or you'll find me wrapped up in journals, seeking the answers for my current research project.  Either way, I arrive home emotionally drained, tired and hungry.

Like me, having snacks that have been screened using the nutritional screening tool that I have taught you previously (see my article Be Shopping Savvy) will take you a long way towards reaching your nutrition goals.

Besides stopping you from filling up on what I call 'empty calories' from biscuits, crackers, chocolate etc, fruit salads are not only pleasing to the eye; but they'll also give you the healthy glow that you're after.

I am not fussed about recipes during the week, I like things to be simple, quick & easy.  Small changes to your diet really is all that is needed when you're trying to juggle a million things and look after your body at the same time.

So without further delay, let me introduce you to my Lazy Fruit Salad!

2 punnets fresh strawberries, halved
1 punnet raspberries
1 pound grapes (green or red)
Clementines (you choose how many)
3 small bananas, sliced
4 pears, cut into small pieces
Fresh peaches or 1 can of peaches (tinned in fruit juice), drained
1 can pineapple (tinned in fruit juice)
1 can fruit cocktail (tinned in fruit juice)
Juice of 1 lime, freshly squeezed

Reserve half the juice from the can of fruit cocktail and pineapple.  Mix all ingredients together, taking care not to bruise the raspberries.  Add juice and the lime juice.  This will help keep the salad looking fresh for longer.  Refrigerate immediately & enjoy.  

Tip - if you struggle to find fruit tinned in fruit juice, then choose 'light syrup' over 'syrup' to avoid adding unnecessary extra sugars and calories to your snack.  Don't forget, the juice or light syrup from the tin is to help preserve the fruit, so try not to eat/drink it.

So go on, make yourself a fresh salad.  Your body will thank you for it.

I do look after you.

Please comment below, I really look forward to and love, read all of your comments!


  1. Thank you Sinead! Do you have any other quick after work snacks that you can recommend?