Saturday, 14 April 2012

How A Buddy System Can Be Effective

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What do you plan to do this Saturday morning?  Sport?  Lie in?  Chances are, you are either nursing a hang-over after a fun night out or enjoying a shopping spree, you lucky thing!

My recent obsession dominating every Saturday morning is ‘friendly boot camp’.  This was introduced to me by a lovely group of friends I met after travelling to Egypt one year.  We meet every Saturday morning at a local park to exercise and I am totally hooked.  I am also pleased to say that we are as equally committed to a delicious brunch afterwards.

My relationship with exercise has had its ups and downs.  Lately I have been struggling to squeeze in my usual 3 runs a week.  I love running, but grey clouds and freezing temperatures can be off-putting.  Treadmill running is frankly a little bit uninspiring.

Growing up in New Zealand, exercise was the easiest thing in the world as I had the three essential elements to a successful exercise plan – location, sun and motivation!  I lived a few minutes away from a large park called One Tree Hill and have enjoyed countless runs and walks there.

Days of sun shine are rare in London, but thanks to ‘friendly boot camp’, exercise is once again a lifestyle choice.  I have been re-introduced to boxing and the chance to exercise in an enjoyable environment amongst friends.  This increases the likelihood of me repeating this activity, every week.

A buddy system works well too.  

For example, on Thursday mornings, I meet with a colleague to exercise before work.  This is effective as neither one of us wants to let the other one down with a no-show.  It’s amazing how quickly we transform from sleepy heads to two energised individuals after just a 45 minute high impact work-out.  It’s also a great way of catching up together outside work.

Struggling to get back into exercise after winter?  Buddy up and pencil in exercise dates with a friend or colleague.  

The key is to select a day that suits you both.  

Soon you will be obligated to be loyal and you’ll quickly fall in love with the new routine.

Whether you create an after work exercise group amongst friends or a pre-work gym workout date with a colleague, the key is to select an activity or gym class that you can both commit to each week.  Alternatively, join a local running group or a zumba class at your gym.

Whatever you decide to do, select an activity that’s fun and enjoyable, preferably with a buddy to be successful in making exercise your new habit.

I also find that new exercise gear always gets me into the exercise spirit!  Check out Asics Apparel for ideas.  

Happy exercising!

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  1. Ahh I miss the weekend boot camps and the mighty hill sprints

  2. Trip back to UK perhaps? I miss you! The hill sprints are killing but great for the bum :)