Thursday, 18 October 2012

Celebrating It Gluten Free With Baker Days - A Product Review

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It is with enormous pleasure that I write this review for Baker Days.  A Light Perspective is now just over 6 months old and is styling the online nutrition screen with articles on weight loss, exercise, nutrition for your baby or little one, vegetarian recipes and of course recipes suitable for exclusion diets (think milk, egg, wheat or soy free meal solutions).

It seems like only yesterday when I published my first article online.  If you had told me that I would reignite my interest in working with 'grown up' people; as opposed to my darling babies and children who I advice daily; I would have laughed.  Not because I dislike working with adults.  For a start, I work with mums, dads and how I can forget the cheeky adolescents who never fail to amuse me.  

However, the paediatric world is rewarding and joyous.  We love children so much and would bend over backwards to make a difference in a child's world.  It is almost entirely impossible to say no to a child.  As an adult, you simply find different ways of rephrasing it.  

Give me the non-compliant adult who continually feasts on high fat foods despite soaring lipid profiles, now that's different - it's not difficult to be firm but kind.  That said, there really is something instantly feel-good about a smiling child and the grateful parent.  Especially if that reason is you.  

On that note, to help celebrate over 6 months of A Light Perspective I have had the chance to rejoice with a neatly packaged and personalised cake from Baker Days. The letterbox cakes are first placed in a sturdy cake tin and then a stiff cardboard box.  It arrived in perfect condition.

This is a fun way to convey 'Happy Birthday', 'Merry Christmas' or 'Congratulations' or any particular personal message that you would like to get across to someone special .  Delivery in the UK is free so you could take advantage of this and make someone's day incredibly happy with this lovely letterbox cake idea.

Of course I am not saying eat cake everyday, see Can You Have Your Cake & Keep Your Waistline Too?  I especially love the letterbox cake idea as they are tiny and perfectly sized to share a little piece with the family or colleagues at work; should this arrive to surprise you in the office!

I was especially pleased that a gluten and wheat free option was available.  This cake on its own was delicious.  A full list of ingredients are also available on their website -  see Ingredients.

Don't forget to explore the cup-cakes tab as these are the perfect portion control option.  For further tips on portion control see my article How To Exercise A Little Portion Control.

For the creative individual you can also upload your own photo and design the cake yourself.  

Overall plenty of fun ideas in here.  So next time you order flowers for a loved one, consider sending a personalised letterbox cake too.  They are so small, a slice from this petite cake will not break the calorie bank!

Thanks again to for a lovely gluten and wheat free cake.  It's good to know that you look after people with special diets too.

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