Sunday, 2 September 2012

Can You Have Your Cake And Keep Your Waistline Too?

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Guess my shock when I had realised that I had gained weight since I started baking milk, egg, wheat and soy free recipes for the blog.  I love baking and love eating it too, but I love my waistline just that little bit more.  So how do you have your cake and keep your waistline too?

God created women to look and feel good right?  I mean, if you didn't look good (and I don't mean underweight), I mean the kinda woman that exudes confidence, happiness and inspires everyone around her.  She could be a size 10 or a size 20, it doesn't matter.  She just looks darn good and comfortable in her skin if you know what I mean.

For the purpose of health, it is recommended that your BMI is within a healthy range (or at least less than 25).  To calculate your BMI use this interactive calculator on BBC BMI Calculator.  Alternatively Do You Know Your Waist To Hip Ratio?

If your risk factors for disease are raised as a result of being over the healthy thresholds and cut-offs discussed above, then let's see how we can find a way of letting you eat a bit of that cake and keeping your waistline too.

I love my Banana & Pecan Delight but it pays to keep your objects of desire under control.  All for the sake of looking good but feeling good too.  I sometimes look through photos from girly nights out and remember how much I loved wearing that dress and this quickly suppresses any urges for a calorie rich snack.

When I baked Wholesome Oaty Chocolate & Hazlenut Slice I knew that ingredients such as oats and nuts would contribute to my overall fibre intake.  I also took it round to an afternoon BBQ for dessert.  Sharing your baking with friends mean that you get to satisfy your sweet craving whilst keeping your waistline happy too.

Ingredients such as polenta and fruit can improve the overall nutritious score of your baking like in Cherry O Olympics Cherry Cake.  I also sliced this and wrapped it into individual portions using glad wrap or cling film as you call it.  This is a great way of controlling portion sizes and making your baking last.  It's so tempting to slice just another 'tiny' sliver and before you know it, you've created a huge dent in the cake and it most likely has ended up in your belly!

 Italian Banana Loaf With Polenta, Walnut & Coffee is absolutely delicious but baking such as these cannot stay in the house.  Instead share the love by taking it to work the next day and share with your colleagues.  Your colleagues or friends will love you and so will your waistline.  

Take on the French approach too.  My girlfriend Celine is tiny but eats cake through-out the day.  Read How The French Stay Slim and you'll see what I mean.  She may eat cake and yet she has a gorgeous figure too.  How does she do it?  She eats tiny portions.  You'll never catch her stuffing her face with cake!

Baking such as High Energy Lemon & Almond Polenta Cake are exactly that, high in energy regardless of ingredients.  Cake simply is not a girl's best friend.  If you choose to bake it then let's summarise the tips that we discussed above.

1. Add fruit, oats or other high fibre ingredients to improve the nutrition score on your baking
2. Reduce total added sugar by adding fruit such as banana or sultanas.  Banana is a great binder too.
3. Stick to small or 'French' portion sizes.  You want to look good and your waistline will thank you for it.
4. If you do give in and whip up an amazing number in the kitchen, don't panic.  Individually portion and wrap your baking to make it last.
5. Alternatively, take it round to a friend or to work the next day.  It's good to share the love.
6. Finally, don't forget to exercise to burn off the extras.  If you need a bit of inspiration read Your Ultimate Inspirational Guide To Running or OMG Where Is That Food Diary & Exercise Regime?

So to answer your question above, yes it's entirely possible to have your cake and keep your waistline too, but ladies, stick to the tips above.  Aim for 'French' or sensible portion sizes and burn off extras with exercise such as walking or your favourite dance class.  Just keep your body moving!

On that note, it's time for bed.

Have a wonderful week my lovely readers.

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